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The Marie Ferdinand Foundation is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to developing character, sportsmanship, health and nutrition, social skills, social awareness, ministry outreach and teaching young girls how to be strong women. Mentoring programs, 24 weeks Life Skills/Basketball Development, Workshops workshops and seminars integrated with camp clinics will provide transformational learning experiences for these students’ lives. Our foundation strongly embraces the belief that the game of basketball reinforces the life-changing components of “Life Management Skills.” Consequently, the integration of basketball and life management skills promotes player development and winning in life over winning games. The Foundation’s mission is to teach kids to win in life, not just in sports. Through the programs, the Foundation provides the financial resources, facilities, political connections and administrative support to attract adolescents and young adults to opportunities for enhancing and applying their athletic skills. The Marie Ferdinand Foundation will achieve these goals by providing small group and individual coaching for male and female athletic skills development and by promoting qualified second tier athletes for athletic scholarships at Division II, Division III and NAIA colleges.

Marie Ferdinand BSE uses technical skills and development through the implementation of quality basketball instruction. The program also focuses on enhancing critical life skills, emphasizing: character building/sportsmanship, health and nutrition, teaching girls to be women, ministry outreach, and social skills/social awareness. These building blocks, which lead to a strong foundation for success, are continuously reinforced throughout the program. We believe that students of all skill levels can benefit from this experience, proven to enhance athletic aptitude and life attitude. The program will provide the venue to teach these skills by partnering (BSE) rather than competing with the current providers of basketball programs. This model program offers every basketball program the tools to create an athletic department that fosters and produces top athletes, molding them from elementary through high school. I am dedicated to the development of character building/sportsmanship, health and nutrition, ministry outreach, social skills, social awareness and teaching young girls how to be strong women through mentoring via athletic training and promotions. We believe in reinforcing life management skills through the game of basketball.

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